We’re transforming mobility.

Camina Lab develops sustainable transport solutions for the future of cities.

What we do

Camina Lab is a mobility venture builder based in Barcelona that gathers a team of entrepreneurs, developers and data scientists implementing their expertise towards transportation, energy, and urban development, to apply business thinking to major social and environmental issues.

Data and tech

The future of mobility is being transformed by the deployment of real-time sensors, ubiquitous connectivity, location services, autonomous systems and big data collection.

Tomorrow's mobility

These innovations, in addition to driverless cars, smart transportation systems, electric vehicles and smartphone applications for ridesharing, will bring about changes to the lifestyles of citizens.

Public and private

The gap between individual and mass transportation systems will shift, as public and private mobility find new ways to uphold each other.

Our vision

Camina Lab is envisioning the mobility of tomorrow where autonomously driven vehicles, specializing in extensive ride and vehicle sharing will give commuters customized and convenient ways of transportation that are suited to the requirements of evolving cities.




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Mobility is at the core of our cities' evolution and regeneration. It enhances our quality of life and boosts employment, local economies and health.

Drivania Photo


Drivania International, was founded in 2001 as one of the first travel agencies in the world specializing in chauffeured private transportation. Drivania is dedicated to providing the most discerning clients with an efficient travel experience through a network of local affiliates in every city.

At Drivania, safety and security measures are of utmost importance and are incorporated into each aspect of every operation. All affiliates are carefully verified and tracked with the latest technology in vehicle dispatching.

Headquartered in Barcelona (Spain) Drivania utilizes advanced technology to provide dependable chauffeured services, providing high-end private transportation in around 90 countries. The company has additional international offices in San Francisco (CA) and Cancun (Mexico).

Drivania’s team of dedicated representatives provide 24/7 customer service both online and offline. Customers can choose from reserving a car and driver through Drivania's booking system, or by talking to a Drivania representative at its Customer Service Center.

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ForeRide Photo


Foreride conducts transactions between these two entities by charging a 'service fee' instead of owning a global fleet of vehicles or having drivers on staff.

This new business model evolves the current ridesharing and taxi apps by helping each driver build his or her own reputation.

Security and safety is thoroughly implemented by Foreride and users are welcome to examine out published ratings. Unlike other transport Apps, Foreride scales not by supplying real time rides but by allowing users to book their private transportation in advanced and choose from a reliable inventory.

Foreride requires potential passengers to register and fill out a personal online profile prior to their first booking. Every professional driver is associated with one or more vehicles whose profile includes rating by previous users.

Drivers can charge different prices depending on the time length or a distance of a ride, as well as seasonal pricing. They can outline their expertise, spoken languages or other description regarding the vehicle.

Users can get an instant quotation, no matter the time length or distance of their trip, and confirm their booking in 3 quick steps.

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Shotl Photo


Shotl is more like a new twist on a bus line than a cab dispatching service, as passengers are charged a flat rate for their trip.

In order to make service more expedient, riders are picked up and dropped off on the corner of a block closest to their pickup and drop-off points, and not their exact addresses.

Users with the Shotl passenger App on their smartphones are able to submit a trip request and they are given information about their specific place for pick-up. The driver’s App guides the minibus to retrieve the passenger and takes them to the final drop-off point. A small deroute may be applied to pick-up or drop-off other users that are heading towards the same direction.

Shotl wants to improve existing transport systems by reducing private car ownership and bringing an easier access to bus, subway and train, through a moving network of minibuses that provide a first-mile last-mile transport solution based on a collective ridership system.

Shotl’s mission is to provide easy access to shared fast transportation, where people can improve their travel time in fun and productive new ways. The company’s vision is to help reduce private car ownership in big cities by 50% within the next 10 years.

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Dizpacher Photo


Dizpacher assists event planners in the areas of forecasting, creating budgets, planning and keeping information current when managing an event or moving a large group of people.

When events such as a company meetings occur, groups of individuals from many different locations travel to the city where the meeting or event will happen. Oftentimes, there is more than one airport where these people are flying into. These airports usually have many airline carriers and multiple terminals where these travelers may arrive.

Dizpatcher provides greeters with current, accurate schedules to meet travelers when they appear at the gate for the arrival terminal and connect them with their corresponding drivers and vehicles.

Dizpatcher’s mission is to coordinate and alleviate the problem of hundreds of travelers arriving and departing at separate terminals at scheduled and unscheduled times in a user-friendly and very convenient way.

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We’re always looking for talented professionals

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